are we looking at the same stars

by android orchestra

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This album has been released with funds from the Danish Collective Rights Management Society - KODA's National Fund - KODA -
(Dette album er udgivet med støtte fra Kodas Nationale Midler)


released October 1, 2012

anders nerup on vocals and piano, emilie nørgaard on vocals, mikkel aas on synthesizers and choir, and mathias vang on drums and percussion. all songs recorded, created, formed, shaped, bended and twisted in the mountains, in the ocean, in the forest, in a kitchen, in a bedroom, in a basement, at our rehearsal space and an old factory building, copenhagen 2011 – 2012. all songs composed, arranged and performed by android orchestra except in “come & play” cello performed by lisa nyeng and viola performed by jakup lutzen, recorded in baby factory studio, copenhagen. all lyrics written by mathias vang. all songs mixed and produced by mathias vang except “come & play”, “we go star trekking” and “robo days” mixed and co-produced by simon kringel – all songs mastered by rune zetterstrøm – artwork: photos by aleksander thuesen – graphical design and cover art by tommy bünger – creative director, walid orfaly – promotion by kira juul –



all rights reserved


android orchestra Copenhagen, Denmark

we are android orchestra - and we've made an album for you and everyone else. "are we looking at the same stars", is our debut - and our contribution to the world of melodies, released October 1st 2012.

android orchestra is the synthesis between electronic and organic compounds.
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Track Name: we share
the shadows last
but I’m reversed
from the past
though it all went fast
I see people running wild
and it’s all denial
like the shade of our time
like the shape of my mind

I don’t wanna stay alone
reminisce the times untold
I will try and free your mind/
if you’ll meet me on the other side
cause/happiness is all we want/
only when we share it’ll come
around for anybody here
around for anybody there

all over town
I see them stars shoot
falling down
when you’re around
I see dangers in our time
when it all collides
I’m all by your side
I’m all by your side

with you I follow my senses (now)
with you I don’t need someone else
Track Name: come & play
come and play - hide those timid eyes
there’s no need to run and hide
I won’t leave this moment now
even though –
I’m melting down
down to the ground
strange thoughts in this time around
cause I can’t picture our future nights
though the fight which you admire
burning secrets and desire

we should be together…

am I ever to feel it?
I can’t stop it now
it pushes me to seize it
you can’t stop me now
my fear won’t leave me
but we can’t stop it now
in this hour

for these reasons I’m not satisfied
it freaks me out and I loose my mind
to be a part of this game
in this time

we should be together…
Track Name: perhentian buzz
crossing waves from one to the next
turning sides to hit the crest
cruising fast against the wind
it’s like the sunbeams stretching the sky
when it all makes you feel alive
distorted blue plains behind the shades

something in this state of mind
rips me out of time
something in this air we breathe
knocks me of my feet
throw me in to the sunshine
all this light
so buzzed up from last night
from last night

a slice of heaven below me feet
I feel the rapture of the deep
on the beach, palms wave in the heat
cheap filipino rum and salty smiles
in the twilight my soles on fire
taking me higher, higher, higher
Track Name: colours
I had peace of mind today
I thought of glittering nights at the bay
with the hours I left to myself
on the shore there’s no one else
it’s like a shining frame of what I need
where everything creates a dream
it feels like hiding out

Orion in the sky

though it’s in my head
I shade myself from change
I see them colours washing over me
washing over me

and as I drift a long the reef
I breathe like the turtles breath
it’s like an unspoken world of peace
I see them colours no one sees
It feels right in this time

I don’t want to wake up
Track Name: falling
can’t go on
so many thoughts are still here
so unclear
of my fears
when we fall
from free climbing walls
screaming loud
with no sound

if you leave me
you’ll see all my tears
cause my heart is broken
it is broken
if you leave me
you’ll see all my fears
cause my heart is open
it is open

as I fall
I keep waiting for your call
now you’re nowhere to find
in the cloud
don’t let go
before the snow in the heights
all turn into ice
with all of my lies

there is hope
in your smile
as we dance
there is cold
in your eyes
when they glance
Track Name: weird snow
I see despair
and all want to do
is to change our fears
right now
fear of loosing our things
fear of loosing anything
and fall along new terms
of just concerns

there’s no one to follow
cause all I see is hollow
I only see this weird snow
this weird snow

you can’t be taught
but holes they are merging
like gaseous balloons
of lies that are blazing
we can please our hearts
we can hover the clouds
to the beeping sounds
and deceive our selves

trouble is around now
trouble appears in my believe
Track Name: the forest
one day I’ll find this place
a place that calls me
somewhere along creeks
where birds still sing
there’s no escape here
I follow trails beneath giant trees
flowers appear while I breathe
summers in the misty breeze

take me to your home
for anywhere else is past the unknown
and leave me by your knees
leave me to find my way

I follow pines to the eagles’ nest
I don’t care what happens next
don’t you know - my heart will fail
if I let this feeling burn in my chest

take me home
Track Name: we go star trekking
can you feel the groove
lets push the beat to continue
lets go and fill the room
painting walls in colours so full

get the dirt of your feet
move in to the first heat
no one will leave a smile
if they feel uninvited

everyone within a mile
must see or recognize it
cause there’s no more time to call it off
and no one will know to stop

so let’s move in full obscure
in clothes that they think is unusual
represent that we are smooth
while stars ignite the gloom

can you feel the groove,
when the stars, ignite the gloom
Track Name: robo days
nature’s cruel
I need some tools
I feel so cool
inside this body for two
breathe in the doom
breath out the bloom

in time I will perceive through
in time I will perceive through you

before you chrome
before we’d monotone
I hear the tune
of that mellow groove
it grows into
my electric muse

this time, in time, future time
Track Name: the escape
tonight I’m gonna rest my
tonight I’m gonna rest my soul
flying in a spacecraft
passing by the silent moon
from illuminated dreams
of a distant world, I escape in peace
in high definition
gazing at the stars is all I need

take me through the storm tonight
faster than the speed of light

tomorrow I’ll be lost
tomorrow I’ll be lost in the clouds
stuck in the web of
a million spiders with hungry mouths
in exotic fantasies
of a lonely island out in the sea
I flee to my rescue
and bury, and bury my leaves